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  1. To pray down the power of God in today’s church.
  2. To put in all that it will cost in work and materials to induce revival.
  3. To lead Christians to a state of spiritual awareness through seminars.        Crusades, Organized teachings and Christian literature.
  4. To work for individual revival of every believer.
  5. To, through network, restore harmony among Christians of every class.
  6. To restore the confidence of the followers on the Christian leadership.
  7. To, through organized teachings and Christian literature, expose false prophets and doctrines.
  8. To restore the church to its place as the light of the world.
  9. To, through care, reach the less privileged and afflicted.
  10. To prepare the church for the second coming of Christ.

How we are to achieve these visions:

Vision of PNUR

School of Deliverance

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Pastor Lukas' ChurchPastor Lucas' Church
Story of the Pastor who visited Hell Fire
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The Confession of a Retired Policeman

Confession of a Retired Policeman
Testimony of a man rescued from judgement & death
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