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REVIVAL CENTER: This hosts administrative and training office; it houses the President’s office and the ministry chapel. We have a Retreat ground and a library. School of ministry- (School for Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare).

New converts are raised by the Resident pastor of the centre. Evangelistic/Mission School (School For Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare). Here Christian workers are trained and equipped for ministry. Headed by the Rector.

We major in training on Africa based theology in the area of deliverance and spiritual warfare. In as much as we do not consider Western theology as useless to the gospel minister on African soil, we have understood through experience, that most  courses undertaken from Western view point do not have direct inference for the African church. Our intention is to help church workers and pastors get a balanced knowledge that will make them most effective.

We also take cognizance of the fact that voodooism have encroached the Christian ministry in most parts of Africa; hence, we teach what we call SCIENTIFIC DELIVERANCE- a deliverance ministry based on knowledge and enlightenment of the human mind, not neglecting the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit.

We have done this for four years and must thank God for the result so far.

The Prayer Army is our Swift Action Team who, generally, are graduates from the School for Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare.

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School of Deliverance

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Confession of a Retired Policeman
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